Anesthesia services

Anesthesia services

EMA Finland offers anesthesia services for dental clinics. Ask EMA to organize anesthesia services for your own dental practice!

Dental treatment under anesthesia or sedation can be the appropriate or even the only way to perform dental treatment in certain situations. Anesthesia dentistry can be offered, for example, to patients with fear, certain special groups, and those treated with a particularly sensitive mouth or pharynx and a strong gag reflex.

We offer comprehensive anesthesia services for dental practices, which include patient preparation, monitoring and treatment during anesthesia, and post-anesthesia monitoring. Dental treatment can be carried out either under sedation, i.e. light anesthesia, or under general anesthesia, i.e. full anesthesia. A doctor specializing in anesthesia or an anesthesia team, which also includes a nurse, is always responsible for the implementation of anesthesia.

The anesthesia method we use is particularly suitable for dental treatments and guarantees a quick recovery after the treatment and going home after anesthesia. In all our activities, we follow the guidelines of our quality system. These are always based on up-to-date and generally accepted treatment practices and recommendations.

Order anesthesia services to your dental clinic

Dental treatments under anesthesia are provided by dental clinics that work as partners of EMA. Ask more about our services and request an offer by contacting Pauli Haapsaari, p. 050 566 6693 / or by filling out the form below.