Travel emergency services

Travel emergency service and international patient transfers

The doctor-led staff of EMA Finland’s travel emergency service ensures that a patient who is sick or injured abroad receives appropriate treatment. Our services include international patient transfers, e.g. on ambulance flights, medical consultations and monitoring the care of a patient who is hospitalized abroad.

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The special services we offer are flight and ship consultations and medical examinations for airlines. Our clients are several Finnish insurance companies, other companies, hospitals and medical districts, as well as private individuals.

EMA Finland has been operating since 1989, when the travel emergency service was established. At that time, Finnish doctors who were responsible for primary care decided to establish EMA, because Finland needed an operator to repatriate Finns who had fallen ill in the world back to their homeland. Since then, EMA’s patient transfer and travel emergency service operations have expanded so that today EMA carries out hundreds of international patient transfers and repatriations of Finns every year.

Read more about EMA Finland’s air ambulance operations from the interview of our Medical Director Tuomas Hiltunen. Tuomas tells more about ambulance flights in our partner Jetflite’s YouTube video.

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